The new EKO-MINI series is one of the most economical and efficient recycling system we have ever developed.   It has several advantages which we would like to briefly point out :

  1. advantage : particle removal by hydro-cyclone 
    With the EKO system we remove suspended solids by using a hydro-cyclone.
    1. By high voltage electrode (30,000 Volts / 300 mAmps.)
    2. By our well established water stabilizer
  2. advantage : removal of algae
    Freylit has been engaged for many years in researching new wash water recycling technology.  Recently we discovered that, when wash chemicals are mixed together with dirt and exposed to sunlight algae will grow.  These algae will stick to pipes, tanks, car wash and other surfaces and act as a culture for bacteria.  These bacteria will cause bad odour.  To combat this problem Freylit developed the high voltage electrode which does not only kill bacteria, but is also very effective in preventing the growth of algae.  Moreover, the High Voltage Electrode will cause a flocculation of fine particles.
  3. advantage : aeration for the buffer tank
    An aeration pipe with nozzles is installed in the buffer tank..  By aeration the flakes are brought up to the surface of the water inside the buffer tank and then skimmed off the surface to the overflow back to the silt chamber. 
  4. advantage : easy installation, minimum civil works needed
    The EKO-MINI series ideal for retrofitting sites where the car wash already exists, because for example the EKO-MINI only needs two PVC-spring hoses to connect the unit to the underground pit.  The EKO-MINI can work with only one silt chamber with an approximate volume of 1000 gallons.  This makes construction cost significantly cheaper than other systems.  Moreover, the units are relatively light in weight, making transport, handling and installation easy.
  5. advantage : two stage de-germing process